Challenge: An engineer from an energy company contacted Cameron to help him come up with a solution to a problem they were having. A few check valves that were being used on their lines going into salt water disposal wells were not holding against the seat due to a vacuum that was created in the pipe, causing the clapper to be pulled off the seat. This was allowing the media to flow back through the valve.

Solution: It was determined that a piston check valve design was better suited for this application, because the design does not allow a vacuum to pull the piston off the seat, which would allow the media to flow back through the valve. Later that year, in March 2013, the energy company decided to acquire a few of Cameron’s 6” TOM WHEATLEY piston check valves to test in their lines.

Result: The valves worked and did not allow any media to flow back past the valve. Once it was proved that the piston check was the better choice for this application, our sales and engineering team continued to work with the customer to get the trim in the valve just right to standup to the corrosiveness of the media. To date, the energy company has installed 63 of our TOM WHEATLEY piston check valves in their lines.