Our Muskegon facility manufactures DYNATORQUE line of products consisting of manual gear operators and automated valve accessories. Recently, a client approached Cameron needing a device that would hold a very large automated valve in the closed direction, even if the actuator attempted to stroke the valve. The answer was the DYNATORQUE D-Lock valve locking device.

The Cameron DYNATORQUE D-Lock valve locking device is used with automated valves (actuated with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuators) that require lockout capability to prevent valve rotation. This feature is ideal for applications, such as maintenance shutdowns, when the valve must remain in a locked position even if an actuator is unintentionally engaged. D-Lock valve locking devices are suited for applications where actuators must be locked in either the full clockwise or counter-clockwise positions (i.e., locked open or locked closed).

The D-Lock provides lockout capabilities for all types of valves and other rotational devices and is especially effective when the valve requires a constant torque load to prevent leakage (for example, torque seated butterfly valves).

One Problem: The DYNATORQUE brand did not build a product large enough to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Answer: One Cameron.

MAXTORQUE, the sister gear brand to the DYNATORQUE brand, has a unique double-enveloping gear technology that would allow DYNATORQUE to use most of their existing hardware but rate the performance to a level suitable for the customer’s requirements. In a great example of collaboration between two teams, what started out to be a no quote situation, ended up providing the customer with six pieces specialty-engineered and application-driven to solve their problem. One Cameron solutions provide customers with success and satisfaction.