Challenge: The local Process & Compression Systems (PCS) business segment team was planning to assist on an FPSO shutdown project in the Peregrino (formerly, Chinook) oil field off the coast of Brazil. Before beginning, our Distributed Valves (DSV) business segment had presented to the PCS team, making them more familiar with the cross-divisional advantages the DSV team could offer to the project. After the presentation, the DSV team was asked to assist with the valves that would need maintenance during the scheduled shutdown. In preparation for the project, the DSV team contacted the maintenance engineers from the FPSO owner. They were unsure of what valves they had on their platform, so the DSV team worked with them to analyze old POs and technical documents to recognize each valve that needed servicing or replacing.

Solution: After establishing the complete list of valves, the DSV team was able to analyze the lifespan of the equipment to suggest repair kits or newer alternatives. They provided WKM ball valve repair kits in addition to new complete valves, including DEMCO butterfly valves, additional WKM ball valves, NUTRON ball valves, and WHEATLEY check valves. The team was also able to identify a newer version of the WHEATLEY check valves that would work better in the platform owner’s process. The user agreed to the replacement of all of these older valves with newer WHEATLEY model 511 check valves. The shutdown involved sales, engineering, and product managers from across Cameron in addition to the platform owner’s team. By utilizing this network, Cameron was able to provide the necessary technical assistance that made the shutdown go smoothly and safely.

Result: The experience and support that the user experienced with the Cameron team strengthened their relationship and promoted cross-divisional solutions, encouraging the use of the Engineered & Process Valves (EPV) division’s TOM WHEATLEY swing check valves for additional offshore solutions. In the end, this One Cameron solution helped support not only the routine shutdown, but also the technical support and planning efforts of the platform owner.