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Subsea Chokes

Shallow or deep water, for subsea trees or manifolds

Early WILLIS subsea valve, black and white, subsea with fish swimming near it.
Early WILLIS subsea choke.

In 1975, Cameron manufactured the world’s first subsea choke for the Mobil West Delta Project in the Gulf of Mexico based on the design of manual surface chokes
with multiple orifice valve (MOV) trim technology. The MOV controls flow via two rotating discs with circular orifices.

Since then, Cameron subsea chokes have been used in more than 3,600 installations around the globe. They feature

  • plug-and-cage, external sleeve, and multistage trim styles
  • HPHT designs up to 20,000 psi and 400 degF
  • insert-retrievable and fixed nonretrievable designs
  • hydraulic stepping and electric actuation.

Cameron subsea chokes are designed for use in production, water injection, gas injection, gas lift, and reverse flow. Chokes range from 2- to 8-in nominal sizes and flow coefficient (Cv) values from less than 1 up to 1,000.

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