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Electric LEDEEN Actuators

Electrically actuate valves for maximum safety

For on-off or modulating control of any multiturn, partial turn, or linear valve in oil and gas applications.


  • Developed and built for use in the oil and gas industry, based on field-proven technology
  • Partial-turn, multiturn, and linear configurations available for use with any valve type
  • Easy system integration with open fieldbus communication interfaces
  • Reduced-maintenance design
  • Constant self-monitoring for reduced errors
Trio of images showing pipes connected with control stations and sensors.
Exploded view of LEDEEN DiM actuator.
Exploded view of LEDEEN DiM actuator.


  • Enclosed motor: Totally enclosed, not ventilated (TENV) motor
  • Handwheel: Operation at any time without declutching mechanism with electric priority
  • Transmission: Low-wear, planetary gearbox for long life
  • Controls and sensors: Quick, nonintrusive settings with graphic LCD for clear, easy-to-read information
  • Electrical connection: Plug-and-socket connector for ease of termination of power and control wiring
  • Valve connection: Connections available for all types of valves, easily interchangeable, and connections according to international standards
  • Temperature range: –13 to 140 degF [–25 to 60 degC] or –67 to 104 degF [–55 to 40 degC]

System integration

Integrating electric LEDEEN actuators into a control system is possible via a multitude of fieldbus connections or via a free-configurable, hard-wired interface. All fieldbus devices can be delivered with the common redundancies to help enhance system safety and reliability.

SIMA master station

The SIMA master station solution integrates field devices, like actuators, into an automation environment and supports a variety of protocols such as PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RTU.

  • Provides a wide variety of data for quick and easy diagnosis
  • Functions as a stand-alone automation system to enable autonomous operation and commissioning from a higher automation system
  • Enhances safety with redundant master unit and cables
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