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Multiorifice Valves (MOVs)

Disc-style choke valves

For more than 60 years, Cameron MOVs have set the standard for precision flow control in applications all over the world.

The term “multiple orifice” refers to the exclusive design of the MOV, which uses a set of adjacent discs, each containing a pair of circular openings or orifices. Other shapes can be used for custom applications.

The two discs are diamond lapped on the mating surfaces to tolerances near two light bands of flatness. This allows for complete shutoff over a prolonged period and precise flow rate control throughout the service life of the equipment. In fact, most MOV chokes meet the requirements of ANSI B104 Class IV shutoff as standard.

MOV disc style choke valves


The near-linear flow characteristics of the MOV make it ideal for production choke applications, including

Specifications Sizes
Specifications 1 to 6 in [25 to 152 mm] 
Specifications Pressure rating
Specifications 10,000 psi
Specifications Temperature range
Specifications –50 to 650 degF [–46 to 343 degC]
Specifications Compliance
Specifications API, ANSI, and NACE standards
Specifications Configurations
Specifications Adjustable or positive; angled or inline
Specifications End connections
Specifications Range of options
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