The Cameron TBV Series 5100  three-piece diverter ball valve accomplishes what would otherwise require two or more two-way valves. The TBV series 5100 ball valve utilizes all of the benefits of the two-way, three-piece TBV diverter valve.

The TBV series 5100 ball valve is available in either a diverter or a three-way format with bottom or side porting and for 90- or 180-degree operation, making it valuable for a multitude of applications.


Standard Features

  • The 21/51 is available in two porting arrangements, the 90- and 180-degree operation. The 90-degree operation allows flow from a bottom port to be delivered to either of two outlet ports over a 90-degree turn of a handle, but can never shut off the flow. The 180-degree operation also diverts a flow from the bottom port to either of two outlet ports, but uses a 180-degree turn of the handle, allowing the flow to be shut off completely at the 90-degree position
  • Utilizes the features of the Series 1100 two-piece design, but extends its applicability to blending and mixing
  • Valve can be designed to accept media through bottom port and divert it out of two outlet ports
  • Valve can be designed as a selection valve accepting media through two inlet sources and directing through a single outlet