The Cameron TBV Series 21/20  unibody, cast, flanged, cryogenic ball valve is specifically designed for cryogenic applications. The TBV series 21/20 ball valve has totally encapsulated body seals that resist the cold flow of PTFE and allow for high performance over a wide temperature and pressure range.

The combination of its investment cast, unibody, standard port design, extended bonnet and blow-out proof stem offers unrivaled safety and reliability in both on-off and modulating applications. As a result of our exclusive Cryofil seat material, adjustable V-ring stem packing and dual, fully-encapsulated body seals, the TBV series 21/20 ball valve offers low torque operation and tight shutoff at temperatures down to -452°F (-269°C). Actuator mounting is facilitated by a rugged, four-bolt mounting pad as standard. In the manually operated version this mounting pad provides a standard locking device.


Standard Features
  • ASME classes 150 to 600
  • 1/2” to 8” (15 mm to 200 mm) size range
  • Floating ball valve seat configuration
  • Unibody construction
  • Dual body seal design
  • Flanged – raised face end connections
  • Upstream hole in ball or cavity pressure-relieving seats
  • Casting type:
    • Investment cast - 1/2” to 3” (15 mm to 75 mm)
    • Sand cast - 4” (100 mm) and above