The Cameron TBV Series 21/18  two-piece, flanged, cryogenic ball valve is specifically designed for cryogenic applications. The TBV series 21/18 ball valve offers unsurpassed reliability with a body machined from solid wrought materials, providing increased strength and virtually eliminating porosity. Materials include stainless steel, MONEL®, titanium, and others, as required. 

Utilizing a split-body design, the body seal is totally encapsulated to prevent cold flow. Positive cavity venting into the upstream piping is accomplished by a relief hole in the ball. The leak-proof integrity of the valve is further enhanced by a welded bonnet design and Chevron V-ring packing, which can be adjusted by a simple turn of the stem nut.


Standard Features
  • 1/2" through 12" (15 mm through 300 mm) size
  • Low operating torque to -452° F (-269° C)
  • ASME 150 to 900 available
  • Exclusive cryofil seats
  • Actuator-mounting capability
  • Padlocking device
  • Oxygen cleaning