LEDEEN HS and CP compact actuators—some of the smallest actuators available on the market—save valuable space on a production platform or FPSO vessel when installing automated valve packages within the piping system.

Ideal solutions for space-constrained installations
Unlike conventional scotch yoke actuators, LEDEEN compact actuator profiles are concentric with the valve stem, reducing the required installation space and enabling alternative piping options.

Application-specific torque mechanism
LEDEEN actuators have two different torque mechanisms available, enabling the most appropriate mechanism to be utilized for maximum efficiency.

  • For high-pressure hydraulic applications, a small helical spline mechanism is used with a small piston diameter to generate high torque outputs.
  • For low-pressure pneumatic applications, the larger helical slot mechanism is combined with a larger piston diameter to generate an equivalent torque output.

Independently adjustable travel stops
For precise valve positioning, the actuators feature a patent-pending integrated adjustable travel stop subassembly. Valves can be accurately set to the closed position to ensure positive shut-off and set fully open to optimized process flow.

Engineering and manufacturing excellence
The LEDEEN Actuator & Control Solutions Center of Excellence has an actuation heritage dating back to 1948. Whether automating a valve for onshore, offshore, subsea, desert, or arctic environments, Cameron uses its proven experience to evaluate each application for the ideal solution.

Cameron designs and manufactures valves, actuators, and control solutions and is backed by the technology innovation and global footprint of Schlumberger. This single point of accountability provides customers with streamlined support, localized experience, and multidomain experts to help keep equipment in peak performance.


Actuator Model Temperature Range, degF [degC] Gauge Pressure Range, psi [bar]
HS series (hydraulic) −22 to 185 [−30 to 85] 145 to 3,000 [10 to 207]
CP series (pneumatic) −22 to 185 [−30 to 85] 40 to 160 [3 to 11]