The Cameron DYNATORQUE quarter-turn stainless steel gear operators are designed for use with valves and dampers, as well as most other quarter-turn applications requiring a self-locking mechanism. For aggressive environmental conditions or corrosive applications, these operators have external components constructed of cast CF-8M stainless steel. They are completely sealed and are ideal for applications such as brewing, food processing, leaching operations, offshore platforms, and pulp and paper plants. 

Gear operators with stainless steel internal parts also are available. DT21 is suitable for use with chainwheel operators, DT3 and DT7 are not suitable for chainwheel operation. (These actuators are not recommended for use with handwheels over 18" in diameter and are not recommended for use with any of our chainwheel options.

Materials: Unit housings, covers, indicators, and bolting hardware are 300 series stainless steel. For gears suitable for even more harsh conditions, see Severe Service Stainless Steel Gear Operators.



Model  Unit.
Max. Output
Torque lb-in
Turns for
90 Degrees
Std. Key
Size Sq.
DT3  8 4500 30:1 7.5 1.000 0.250
DT7  14 10,000 48:1 12 1.750 0.375
DT21 33 26,000 60:1 15 2.500 0.500



Model  Std. Mounting
(Qty. and Size)
Std. Mounting
(Bolt Circle)
Size in.
Approx. Rim 
Pull lb 
DT3  (4)3/8-16
3.250 8.10 14 80
5.000 12.96 18 86
5.512 13.20 36 109



1. Handwheels listed are recommended sizes to produce full rated torque with the rim effort listed. The formulas listed below will assist you in determining alternate handwheel sizes and rim pull requirements based on your application.

To Find: Handwheel diameter for given output torque at a given rim effort: Divide the output torque by the mechanical advantage and multiply the result by 2. Then divide this result by the handwheel rim effort.

To Find: Rim effort for a given output torque with a given handwheel diameter. Divide the output torque by the mechanical advantage and multiply the result by 2. Then divide this result by the handwheel diameter. Note: Handwheels are not included as part of the operator part list or price.

2. Bores, keyways, and mounting patterns listed are for Cameron standard stocking units. Please consult the factory for special bore treatments, costs, and deliveries.

3. Standard mounting patterns on the DT2 and DT5 are (4) tapped holes straddling centerline at 45 degrees.