Our latest innovation is the revolutionary subsea insert-retrievable compact choke with a dog-in-window connector that offers substantial advantages.  This type of subsea insert-retrievable choke is 35% smaller and 45% lighter than a traditional clamp running tool (CLRT) subsea choke. It also provides total vertical access for insert retrieval.  Total vertical access is achieved via push/pull rods that engage/disengage dogs for insert installation and retrieval, with the option of hydraulic override for disconnect. And, because it requires no horizontal access, the choke can be more centrally placed, potentially reducing the size and weight of the Christmas tree and manifold significantly. In addition, installation is simple enough for smaller, more readily accessible vessels to handle.                                                                                                  

The compact choke features our field-proven hydraulic stepping linear choke actuator (SLCA), along with an increased trim cavity and annular area for reduced flow velocity and a more uniform fluid presentation to trim. Several cage-style trims are available, including plug and cage for reverse and forward flow and maximum Cv, and water injection multistage, the choice for long- term operation in cavitation-sensitive conditions and reverse flow applications.


The Cameron subsea insert-retrievable compact choke design features:

  • Pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi
  • Water depths to 9800 ft (3000 m)
  • Temperature ranges from -50° F to 250° F (-46° C to 121° C)
  • Trim sizes from 2" through 4" with Cv up to 282
  • Actuation – Cameron SLCA hydraulic stepping linear choke actuator  (3k or 5k supply)
  • Position feedback – Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) analog (4 mA to 20 mA)
  • Intervention – Dedicated compact choke running tool
  • Designed for 20 years of service life, excluding wearing trim elements
  • Meets or exceeds all API 6A/17D, ISO 10423/13628-4, NACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156, and NORSOK requirements


Subsea Insert Retrievable Choke Summary

 Description    Nom. Size*
 MWP psi
 Max Cv**
 Flow Curve Type
 Compact Insert Choke- Gas Lift
 P&C Linear
 Compact Insert Choke- Production
 224  P&C EQ%
 Compact Insert Choke- Production
 282  P&C Linear
 Compact Insert Choke- Reverse Flow Water Injection
 216  MS32 EQ%

* Nom. Size refers to the seat nominal diameter, not the inlet or outlet end connection size.

** Reduced capacity and custom trims available.

P&C = Plug and Cage

ES = External Sleeve

EQ%= Equal Percentage

MS33= 3", Three-Stage, Multi-Stage