The Cameron Omni-Choke provides the benefits and functionality of all-electric actuation to both greenfield and brownfield applications by virtually any traditional multiplexed controls system through a simple changeout of the choke. The SIIS compliant interface allows the Omni-Choke to be treated as a standard instrument, compatible with traditional subsea control modules. Functioning successfully since September 2008 in the K5F Field in the North Sea, the Omni-Choke makes all-electric performance a reality.

The Omni-Choke provides:


  • Electric actuation with field-proven subsea insert-retrievable choke
  • High operability, reliability, and availability
  • Smooth, accurate, precise operation and control with adjustable flow
  • Compatible, retrofittable, and remotely operable with any subsea production system
  • Detectable and measurable vibration-monitoring capability
  • Position feedback – Continuous, real-time position indication throughout the process
  • Superior response time – Less than five minutes from fully open to fully closed
  • Self-locking – fail as-is
  • Plug and play – standardized SIIS-compliant interface 
  • Condition-monitoring capabilities enabling preventive/proactive maintenance


  • Operating depths to 10,000 ft (3000 m)
  • Designed for 25 years of service life
  • Footprint identical to common clamp-style chokes
  • Height – Approximately 60“ (150 cm)
  • Weight – Approximately 2100 lb (953 kg)
  • Standard field-proven ROV connectors for interface to production control system
  • Interface to trim and insert assembly identical to field-proven clamp-style chokes
  • Redundant control units (redundant power supply and sensors)
  • Redundant drive motor
  • Redundant real-time choke position indicator
  • Power and communication SIIS level 2 compliant
    • Supply (24 VDC, 2A max.)
    • Communication protocol: CANopen®