The Cameron CAM30-DC multitrim drilling choke is a creative solution for choke-and-kill drilling manifold applications. It includes the long established gate-and-seat (G&S) drilling trim, but offers the versatility to switch between this and a variety of other trim styles, all within a single choke. The gate-and-seat trim can be easily replaced with the external floating sleeve (FS) trim for greater controllability and erosion resistance. This interchangeable choke also offers multiple actuation options, from manual handwheel to variable speed electric actuation. A common choke body across the Cameron CAM30 series of chokes ensures direct interchangeability. Managed pressure and dual-gradient drilling operations stand to gain from this advance because changing trims helps to successfully regulate well pressure and cope with kicks from gas entrained in the drilling mud.

The critical nature of chokes in drilling operations led Cameron to develop the CAM30-DC choke, built with trim parts made of highly erosion-resistant hard materials such as tungsten carbide, which resist wear and erosion much longer than other materials in severe service environments. Designed for adaptability, the CAM30-DC choke presents a simple method of deploying actuated and manual equipment as operations dictate. It features a modular design with easily interchangeable trim styles and manual and actuated configurations. Adaptation from a manual to an actuated choke does not require choke disassembly, allowing for minimal downtime on the drilling manifold. The CAM30-DC choke offers up to a maximum of 1.75-in orifice size.

Reconfigure as conditions evolve

For drilling chokes, purchasing decisions are often based on limited information with little indication of when or where a drilling manifold may be deployed. CAM30-DC chokes offer versatility, including the option of gate-and-seat (G&S) and external floating sleeve (FS) trims. This has the distinct advantage in managed pressure drilling (MPD) or dual-gradient operations, where much lighter-weight drilling muds are used, and the choke is maintaining a stable wellbore pressure on a continuous basis. FS trim offers enhanced control. Similarly, the tried and tested gate-and-seat trim offers the ability to cope with instances where heavy debris is contained in the drilling mud, and may be allowed to pass through the large orifice opening.

In both cases, the trim may be adjusted to give rapid adjustment and safely control spikes or surges in pressure. This is further enhanced by the innovative means of adjustment, using variable speed electric actuation. The CAM30-DC choke, in common with the CAM30-MT production choke variant, offers a modular, top-end design that allows easy conversion between electric and manual operation, without the need to disassemble the bonnet or breach the pressure containment boundary.

Save lead time, additional cost

The ability to change trims saves lead time and additional cost associated with purchasing a different type of choke when conditions change. The ability to reconfigure the trim and type of actuation means it can be successfully deployed on a drilling manifold no matter when or where it is needed.