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Trunnion-mounted ball valve

Since 1963, the TK trunnion-mounted ball valve has provided reliable block-and-bleed service for the oil and gas industry.

Known for its robust design, sealing areas, and stainless steel overlays, the TK ball valve is widely recognized as the leader in providing valve solutions for the oil and gas industries' most severe service applications. Its design features allow Cameron to provide valves with unmatched durability, safety, and long-term performance.

Inline Operation: TK
Trunnion-mounted ball valve

Standard features

  • Size range: 3/4 to 36 in [20 to 900 mm]
  • ANSI Classes 150 to 5000
  • Bidirectional and easily installed
  • 90° rotation with visual open/closed stop indicators
  • Full- and reduced-port designs available
  • 6-in [150-mm] and larger sizes feature dedicated seat-sealant injection channels
  • Stems and trunnion ride on heavy-duty TFE bearings for long life and ease of operation with reduced torque requirements
  • Seat holders contain low-friction inserts for long-lasting, nonlubricated operations
  • Spring-loaded seats
  • Bolted construction
  • Antiblowout bonnet/stem


  • Block-and-bleed service
  • Water-tight extensions on valves 2 in [50 mm] and larger
  • Locking devices for lever- and gear-operated valves
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