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Model J

Hydraulic actuators

The SSS surface safety system actuator line includes the Model J hydraulic actuator. The actuator design uses a translating cylinder to obtain a compact profile for stroking gate valves in big-bore applications. It also features a strong power spring that ensures complete gate closure upon loss of control pressure, even under harsh operating conditions. 

In addition, the actuator includes our patented Quick-Disconnect bonnet, which separates the bonnet from the actuator. This action allows operators to maintain the actuator while the bonnet safely holds pressure from inside the gate valve. 

The Model J actuator operates gate valves in sizes ranging from 5 through 10 in, with operating pressures up to 10,000 psi [689 bar]. These actuators are available with a 5- or 7-in piston to optimize control pressures to meet your application requirement. 


  • External safety relief device that protects the actuator from overpressurization 
  • Short compact profile to stroke big-bore valves in confined areas 
  • Quick-Disconnect bonnet permits removal of the actuator without depressurizing the valve, which greatly reduces downtime and lost production 
  • Rising stem provides visual indication of gate valve position
SSS Model J Hydraulic Actuator


Service for 5-in piston

  • Maximum operating pressure: 6,000 psi [414 bar]
  • Test pressure: 9,300 psi [641 bar]
  • Temperature range (standard service): –20 to 250 degF [–29 to 121 degC]
Standard Service
Maximum Control Pressure
Mounted on 5-in valve (0.415 × valve pressure) + 75 psi [5.1 bar]
Mounted on 6-in valve (0.477 × valve pressure) + 75 psi [5.1 bar]
Mounted on 8-in valve
(0.798 × valve pressure) + 75 psi [5.1 bar]
Mounted on 9-in valve
(1.340 × valve pressure) + 68 psi [4.6 bar]
Mounted on 10-in valve
(1.340 × valve pressure) + 68 psi [4.6 bar]
Model Product Weight, lbm [kg]
0506 340 [154]
0508 352 [160]
0510 364 [165]

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