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Hydraulic actuators

Our line of Saf-T-Gard actuators includes the GateMaster hydraulic actuator, which is used for low-pressure wellhead applications. This reliable actuator typically is mounted to the upper master and wing valves. Nonelastomeric bonnet packing ensures service compatibility and greatly reduces maintenance concerns in applications including arctic and H2S environments.

This versatile design can be used in self-contained safety system or line pressure-operated applications. Mechanical or hydraulic openers also can be used if actuator control pressure is unavailable.

The GateMaster actuator can be used in conjunction with the Master Series bonnets mounted on 2- to 4-in [52- to 102-mm] gate valves. The Master Series bonnet design allows for interchangeability between the GateMaster and PneuMaster actuator designs.

SSS GateMaster Hydraulic Actuator


  • Large supply and vent port that permits rapid fluid displacement during closure
  • Large piston area, which allows relatively low control pressures to overcome full valve differential
  • Captured power spring ensures closure even when no valve body pressure is present
  • Rising stem provides visual indication of valve position
  • Nonelastomeric bonnet seal design offers superior sealing under harsh environments
  • Molygard wiper rings prevent stem galling during operation and prohibit foreign particles on the surface of the stem from entering the actuator body and damaging the dynamic seal system

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