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TBV Series 5500 Double Block-and-Bleed (DBB) Ball Valve

A two-closure-member valve system that provides redundant sealing in critical areas for increased personnel safety.


TBV Series 9900 Fire-Tested, Top-Entry Ball Valves

Cryogenic and non-cryogenic valves with welded connections to meet 2” and smaller valve requirements.


TBV Series 6400 Instrument Connection Valve

The Cameron TBV Series 6400 instrument connection valve replace leaky gate valves with advanced TBV ball valve features in a fire-safe design. The valve meets stringent refinery and chemical plant requirements.


How does it work: Ball Valves

Ball valves are known for reliable, bubble-tight sealing. Thus, they are a great choice for gas applications where tight shutoff is necessary.

Technical Data Sheets

How it Works: Butterfly Valves


How does it work: Cryogenic Valves

There are a number of things to understand about cold temperatures when considering how to select a valve that will work over a long period of time.


How does it work: Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a flow regulating disc valve. According to the BVAA, a butterfly valve is “a valve in which the obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the direction of flow and, in the open position flow passes around the obturator.”