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DEMCO NF-C Butterfly Valve

Cameron's DEMCO NF-C butterfly valve, sizes 14" through 36" (350 mm through 900 mm), is available in both wafer and lug styles.


DEMCO NE-D Butterfly Valve

Cameron's DEMCO NE-D butterfly valve, sizes 2" through 12" (50 mm through 300 mm), is a short-neck valve with body notches to fit popular lightweight flange patterns, making it ideal for bulk material handling and the transportation industry.


DEMCO NE-I Butterfly Valve

Cameron's DEMCO NE-I butterfly valve, size 2" through 12" (50 mm through 300 mm), is ideal for a wide range of applications in many industries, including food and beverage utilities and process flow lines.


DEMCO NE-C Butterfly Valve

Cast in both wafer and tapped-lug patterns in a wide variety of material choices, Cameron's DEMCO butterfly valves feature a one-piece body for reduced weight and increased strength. The unique stem-hole design in the disc ensures a dry stem journal, and the hard-backed seat allows ease of...

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DEMCO NE-C Butterfly Valve: Operation

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How it Works: Butterfly Valves


How does it work: Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a flow regulating disc valve. According to the BVAA, a butterfly valve is “a valve in which the obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the direction of flow and, in the open position flow passes around the obturator.”