Variety of mesh types for all your applications

With the DURAFLO composite screen frame as a solid base, M-I SWACO offers four different mesh types, enabling operators to choose the most efficient mesh type for the job without sacrificing durability and fluid processing capacity.

Patented XR MESH shaker screen mesh

Rectangular openings and 50% larger-diameter wire combined with our patented cloth calendaring design gives XR MESH screen mesh excellent capacity and the longest screen life in the industry. This mesh coupled with DURAFLO composite screen technology allows best in class fluid-handling capacity. High conductance results in reduced mesh loading compared with traditional mesh types.

MG (Market grade)

MG is our most basic mesh type, featuring a single-layer cloth with heavy wire diameter and square openings. Because of the durable, heavy wire diameter, the MG is used primarily as a scalping screen with excellent screen life.

HC mesh

Two fine screening layers over a support cloth provide superior performance in blinding applications with the HC mesh and yield excellent capacity. Screen life is equal to the XL mesh. While the fine wire diameter provides excellent capacity, the HC mesh has shorter screen life and lower separation efficiency compared with our other mesh types.

Ultrafine (XL) screen

The ultrafine (XL) screen has been specifically designed for use in drilling sandstone formations, which typically create blinding problems with standard screen mesh types. Our XL mesh features two fine screening layers with a support mesh having square openings of medium wire diameter for improved capacity, screen life, and blinding resistance.