Wide range of screen technologies that cut costs and optimize solids control efficiency

M-I SWACO provides a comprehensive suite of OEM and replacement shaker screens that combine multiple mesh sizes with our patented composite frame technology to provide higher throughput and longer life. Available for M‑I SWACO, Derrick, BRANDT/NOV, and other shaker brands, the exclusive line of long-lasting composite screens optimizes solids control efficiency to reduce costs and waste volumes, regardless of the targeted formations and drilling applications.


DURAFLO composite screens for the MONGOOSE Series shakers (including the MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shaker) feature a unique wedge mechanism for screen locking. The composite construction combined with the efficient and easy locking mechanism eliminates solids bypass that can require costly fluid dilutions.

MD-2 dual-deck and MD-3 triple-deck shale shakers

The MD shakers and screens were designed in tandem to take full advantage of the technology available through the use of composite materials while maximizing shaker performance. The DURAFLO composite screens for MD series shakers feature a novel self-latching design that maintains screen-to-screen seal and allows screens to be removed as a unit with no tools required.

Derrick FLC 500 shale shakers

The newest innovation in our composite technology replacement screen offering is the D500-C flat-panel replacement, designed to fit Derrick FLC 500 brand shakers while eliminating the "horse-shoe" effect. The D500-C flat-panel replacement design features our patented, lightweight composite frame with glass filling and internal steel reinforcement structure created to stay flat and parallel to the shaker bed.

BRANDT VSM 300 shakers

The new and improved DURAFLO composite replacement screen for the BRANDT VSM 300 brand shaker uses a new frame design that is lighter and more easily repaired and promotes longer screen life. It is easier to remove than the original DURAFLO composite screens. DURAFLO composite screens are available with TBC, ultrafine (XL), and XR MESH shaker screen mesh.


The M-I SWACO DURAFLO composite replacement screens for the NOV BRANDT COBRA, KING COBRA, KING COBRA VENOM, and LCM-3D shakers provide improved performance and reliability over traditional metal-backed screens. The design features a soft gasket that allows the screen to be removed and reinstalled while maintaining a reliable sealing mechanism. Improvements increase screen life and provide significant operator savings.

Axiom shakers

The DURAFLO AX-1 screen is a composite replacement screen for Axiom brand shakers. It features the patented design using a polymer frame with a steel reinforcing structure. A specialized gasket made of softer, more pliable material is co-molded onto the leading edges of the composite frame, providing a soft but durable seal between the shaker bed and screens. An easy latching system allows for easy removal without tools.


DURAFLO Composite
Screen Weight, lbm
Plastic Back Hookstrip
Metal Back (Flat Panel)
Unbonded Hookstrip
Metal Back (Hookstrip)
Mesh Type
Screen Dimensions, in
OEM Screens
ALS     X         XL, XR 45.25" x 47.75"
BEM-3     X   X     MG, XL, XR 45.5" x 35.5"
BEM-6 X 17.6           MG, HC, XL, XR 36" x 27.5"
MD-2 / MD-3 X 15.4           MG, HC, XL, XR 24.49" x 25.8"
MONGOOSE / MEERKAT Series X 24   X       MG, HC, XL, XR 23" x 45.875"
2x6         X     MG 24.25" x 72"
4x3         X     MG 45.25" x 47.75"
Replacement Screens
AX-1 X 17.6   X       MG, HC, XL, XR 27" x 24"
COBRA X 34   X       HC, XL, XR 25" x 49.3125"
KING COBRA X 34   X       HC, XL, XR 25" x 49.3125"
VENOM       X       MG, HC, XL, XR 25" x 49.3125"
LCM 3D X 34   X       HC, XL, XR 25" x 49.3125"
ATL 1000 X 34   X       HC, XL, XR 25" x 49.3125"
4x3         X     MG 45.25" x 36"
LCM 2D / LM3     X         XL, XR 45.25" x 36"
4x5     X   X     MG, XL 48.5" x 59.5"
D285P / 380       X       XL, XR 28" x 46.5"
VSM 100 X 15.4     X   X MG, HC, XL, XR 25" x 36.25"
VSM 300 X 17.6         X MG, HC, XL, XR 27" x 35.5"
FLC 300       X       XL, XR 33.25" x 27.75"
FLC 500 X 19.8       X   XL, XR 41.5" x 27.75"
FLC 2000     X X X     MG, XL, XR 41.125" x 27.5"
Fluid Systems
Black Thunder       X       XL, XR 36" x 42"
29x42       X       MG, XL, XR 29" x 42.1875"
KDDX         X     MG 30" x 72"
KDX     X         XL, XR 28" x 48"
KPT28       X       XL, XR 28.25" x 49.25"
2x3         X     MG 24.5" x 36"
4x3         X     MG 48.5" x 36"
Triton     X         XL, XR 48.5" x 28.5"
Vortex Fluid Systems
Orbital Vortex     X X   X   XL, XR 46" x 31.875"