The Cameron WB 10.2 two-man work basket is designed for use during manually assisted stabbing operations and maintenance procedures to be performed on drilling equipment above the drill floor.

Design of the two-man work basket includes features such as interface with the Zone Management System (ZMS) (warning only), proximity sensors to avoid collision, a personnel escape system, and emergency functions capable of lowering and slewing the basket. The work basket can be operated from a local panel mounted in the basket itself or from the remote control panel (location determined on a project-by-project basis).


  • Automatic parallel system to maintain basket level when boom is elevated
  • Hydraulic unit rated for Zone II operation
  • Double-telescopic boom that can be tilted or slewed
  • 551-lbm [250-kg] basket capacity
  • ±45° boom swing
  • Pressure relief valves mounted on all hydraulic cylinders to protect against overload conditions
  • Emergency stop on local and remote control panels
  • Interface with ZMS to provide indication in drilling control room (DCR) when work basket is in use