Cameron provides cost-effective, modern iron roughnecks in a compact format. Featuring an advanced control system, our iron roughnecks keep safety in mind and are a sensible choice for today’s demanding drilling needs.

  • Pipe range from 2 7/8 to 10 in [73 to 254 mm] for enhanced versatility
  • Triple-grip torque wrench that delivers 166,000 ft.lbf of torque
  • High-performance spinner that can deliver 3,500 ft.lbf of torque, improving efficiency during challenging pipe connections
  • Smart technology for makeup and breakout of drill pipe and drill collars



T-P iron roughneck

  • Light weight
  • Torque wrench in an articulated arm that allows travel of torque wrench and spinner assembly from parked position to well center
  • Elevation system that ensures handling of a wide range of stickups with ease and precision
 Hydraulic Roughneck

T-P-L iron roughneck

  • Maximum reach of 16 ft [4.90 m] for enhanced drill floor flexibility
  • Long-reach articulated arm and slewing system
  • Torque wrench and spinner assembly that can travel from parked position to well center or other positions such as the mousehole
  • Elevation system that enables streamlined and accurate handling of a wide range of stickups
 Hydraulic Roughneck

M-R iron roughneck

  • Modular, rail-mounted design that improves drill floor efficiency and tool changeout safety
  • Efficient and precise movement from parked position to well center
  • Backup torque arrestor functionality—81,000 ft.lbf [110,000 N.m] transmitted to the floor
  • Backup torque readings
  • Enhanced bit makeup and breakout functionality
  • Optional Cameron casing tongs and casing backup tongs
 hydraulic roughneck