Cameron HVAC systems are designed for continuous operation, with 100% redundancy in the supply fans. The HVAC system consists of a supply fan skid with two redundant fans, a condenser unit for outdoor mounting in hazardous areas, internal fan coils, and space for free-issued items. The HVAC system is a pressurization system, which classifies the drilling control room (DCR) as a pressurized room according to IEC 60079-13.


  • Custom design to fit any DCR
  • Fully automated control and alarm system
  • Prepared for interface with rig control system/fire and gas system
  • Forced ventilation system (safe area by ventilation)
  • Only one fan running at a time, keeping the other fan on standby
  • Automatic switchover in case of failure
  • Fire dampers on all penetrations of the DCR