Cameron mud control systems include operator menus that use the latest in human machine interface (HMI) application development to provide optimal overview, safety, and productivity. Our products offer enhanced visualization, providing better insight into the drilling fluid process operation, real-time monitoring of drilling fluids equipment from local and remote locations, and logical control and monitoring of individual equipment and complete systems to reduce the risk of human error. Our control systems can be engineered as stand-alone systems or for integration with other control systems, such as the Cameron OnTrack integrated drilling controls system.


Control cabins

  • are tailored to the installation area layout
  • incorporate integrated control system equipment for hands-off mixing, dosing, and transfer operations
  • feature a noise- and vibration-insulated housing
  • are equipped with windows, lights, and HVAC.

Field instrumentation incorporates

  • a range of packages to enhance and support the control experience
  • level indicators, pressure transmitters, and density transmitters with a precise degree of measurement/indication.