Cameron bulk storage and transfer systems are a complete solution for bulk barite, bentonite, and cement storage. Each system is custom-engineered to meet your production requirements and offers efficiency-enhancing options such as full instrumentation packages, remote valves, product automation, and remote system control capabilities.


Bulk mud/cement storage and surge tanks
  • Tank design that minimizes potential wastage, clogging, and maintenance downtime
  • Three-legged or skirt-support design for superior stability
  • Aeration panels in cone and base to ensure optimal flow during pressurization and discharge processes and minimize the amount of material left in the tank after emptying
  • Full instrumentation package
  • Remote, real-time monitoring and control capabilities for repetitive tasks
  • Meets ASME standards
  • ABS/DNV certification

Dust cyclone and collector unit

  • Reclaims and recycles costly powder dust into the bulk storage system
  • Automatic filling, separation, and discharge
  • Proven effective operation in any climate condition
  • Single cyclone-type separator delivering ongoing high operational efficiency

    Cement discharge valve

    • Optimizes the fluidization process within the silo tank
    • Provides high levels of precision, easier control, and better results during bulk cement transfer
    • Low maintenance
    • Electrically actuated control valve

    Cell feeder

    • Enables automatic dosing of bulk material from surge tank into mixing hoppers
    • Improves dosing accuracy
    • VFD-controlled