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Mud pump

The Cameron CMP-2200 offshore mud pump uses several advancements to improve pump reliability.

  • Materials and treatments on bearings that improve bearing life several times over the previous generation.
  • Carburized and hardened gear tooth surfaces that resist pitting and wear.
  • Robust tube and shell heat exchangers to reduce the probability of leaks and downtime.
  • High-flow-rate production, even at low operating speeds.
  • Long strokes, which reduces the number of load reversals in critical components and increases the life of fluid end parts.
  • 15% lighter designer and integral skid that further reduces footprint.

Additionally, the strategic placement and improved serviceability of the mud pump's critical components enable safer and easier access during maintenance and inspection.

The two-piece, quick-release piston rod enables removing the piston without disturbing the liner, minimizing downtime when replacing fluid parts.

For added simplicity, all sensors, monitoring devices, and optional instruments are wired to a single junction box; eliminating the time-consuming requirement to wire everything individually.

The CMP-2200 offshore mud pump


  • Fabricated steel construction high strength power frame with rear- or top-mounted drive motor
  • Balanced, forged crankshaft for minimal vibration and increased life
  • Premium roller bearings constructed of advanced materials that offer up to seven times service life in contaminated lubricant
  • Replaceable crosshead guides in frame
  • Pressurized oil lubrication system with easily accessible external lines for simplified maintenance
  • Increased oil filtration with magnetic suction strainer and dual filter at pressure line
  • Cooling system equipped with water or air heat exchanger
  • Interchangeable fluid end modules with quick-change valve pot threaded covers
  • Closed-loop pressurized freshwater liner wash system
  • Suction manifold can be equipped with front or side inlet connections
  • Discharge piping connects from either side
  • Piston and liner chambers are easily accessible and fully open
  • NORSOK noise compliance
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