The Cameron drill line storage reel (DLSR) is a simple but essential tool used to organize and streamline hoisting and rotating systems. The DLSR 7500 has been designed and engineered to give operators greater control and enhance the safety of both personnel and equipment when cutting and slipping the drill line.

The Cameron DLSR stores and spools drilling line and is hydraulically powered to ease slip-and-cut operations. When the drill line drum is empty, a new drum can be installed quickly and easily, reducing downtime. As a safety precaution, the DLSR is equipped with a mechanical parking brake to avoid accidental spooling of the drilling line.


  • Robust frame/skid for drum carriage
  • Quick change of drum
  • Robust pinion/cogwheel transmission for drilling line spooling
  • Hydraulic drive to ease slip-and-cut operations; serves as brake when not in operation