Safer, faster, automatic, and remote control of stabbing and connection of hoses on the telescoping joint

STiCS stab-in connection systems provide a safer and quicker method of connecting heavy choke and kill hoses to the riser slip joint, saving hours of rig time and reducing hazardous work above water. The operator remotely stabs and makes up all riser hose connections, then stores and hides the hydraulic handling arms and actuators. Corrosion-resistant gooseneck connections remain locked onto the riser with a fail-safe mechanism.

For easy maintenance access, disconnection is done in the reverse order by parking the hose/gooseneck assemblies at the side of the moon pool. Handling arms are mounted on the BOP trolley or moon pool structure. STiCS systems can be used with both inline and wireline tensioners. The termination receptacles may be welded or clamped onto any telescopic joint.


  • Individual, fail-safe locking of all connections
  • No onboard hydraulic actuators on the deployed telescopic joint
  • All components suitable for extensive underwater periods
  • Easy and quick parking of termination unit hoses
  • Handling arms that also serve as parking for maintenance accessibility
  • Able to handle heavy applications and multiple hoses
  • Elimination of hazardous work above water
  • Remote control from a distance