Greater efficiency and less downtime for land drilling operations

The PRECISE automated drilling system enables full control and direction of rig functions from a single control source. Engineered to help achieve safer, more efficient, and lower-cost operations with less downtime, the system is configurable to any number of HMIs.

The PRECISE system interfaces with critical rig components using remote I/O installed on the drawworks, topdrive, mud pumps, and drill floor. All controls can be accessed from the driller’s cabin through a combination of touch screens, discrete operators, and simple joystick controls. Additionally, each PRECISE system features an integrated talk-back system to further improve communication reliability at the rig site.

Add-on feature for stick/slip mitigation

Used in PRECISE system operations, the optional SOFT TORQUE plug-in is an easy-to-use and intuitive add-on feature for mitigating stick/slip vibrations while rotary drilling. This plug-in provides numerous advantages that enable customers to consistently drill longer and more aggressively.

Schlumberger works with every customer to tailor the PRECISE system to their rig and integrate third-party offerings. This close collaboration optimizes performance, efficiency, and safety while maximizing equipment life span. Access to experienced technical and service team members is available 24 / 7 to ensure that drilling operations run as efficiently and safely as possible.