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Rig Equipment

Comprehensive suite for land and offshore rigs

From the mast to the kelly and everything in between, Cameron has a comprehensive suite of equipment for your rig, whether land or offshore. We also offer engineering services to optimize rig design as well as training options to accelerate your crew's expertise on Cameron, M-I SWACO, and Schlumberger equipment.

Drilling equipment in the field

Drilling Packages

Combine our best-in-class equipment and comprehensive services, including full life cycle support.

BOP Hoisting & Handling

Increase safety, adhere to recognized standards, and customize to fit your requirements.

Cabins & Controls

Leverage high-quality software and user-friendly screen graphics.

Cellar Deck Equipment

Improve operational efficiency and save considerable rig time on semisubs, drillships, platforms, and jackups.

Derricks, Masts & Substructures

Expedite operations offshore and on land with integrated hardware.

Filtration Equipment

Effectively remove particulates with durable equipment packages.

Hoisting & Rotating Equipment

Enhance safety and reduce maintenance with high-performance technology.

Motion-Compensation Equipment

Operate in the harshest offshore environments.

Mud Pumps, Mixing & Processing

Streamline many essential but time-consuming operational and maintenance procedures.

Pipe Handling Equipment

Handle everything from singles to quadruple stands with more efficiency.

Power Systems

Decrease noise, simplify maintenance, and reduce life cycle cost.

Rig Engineering Service

Discover our engineering and rig design services.

Rig Floor Equipment

Choose from a range of catheads, winches, hydraulic roughnecks, and more.

Solids Control & Environmental Equipment

Maintain fluid integrity, reduce fluid losses, and minimize HSE impact.

Drilling Systems Product Training

Browse an extensive catalog of training offerings.

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