Complete and reliable annulus enclosure

M-I SWACO supports an extensive fleet of rotating control devices (RCDs) for use in a variety of applications, including annular fluid containment and pressure management in onshore and offshore drilling environments. Across the M-I SWACO RCD portfolio, each system is compatible with both rotary drives and top drives and features seals made of natural rubber, nitrile, butyl, or urethane.

7068 RCD low-pressure device

Designed to provide reliability and ease of operation in a small footprint, the low-pressure 7068 RCD device diverts drilling fluids and cuttings to solids control equipment and handles gas influx and annular containment of wellbore fluids. The 7068 RCD device is compatible with rotary or top drive rigs and—at less than 25 in tall—is suited for use on small rigs where substructure height is limited.

8068 RCD large-diameter device and 8068-G RCD large-diameter HT device

The low-pressure 8068 RCD device provides an annular pressure seal in large-diameter wells up to 30 in under standard temperature conditions. A version of the 8068 RCD device—the 8068-G RCD device—is available for HT drilling operations, especially in geothermal applications. The 8068 and 8068-G RCD devices enable drilling operations to continue while isolating rig personnel from potentially harmful wellbore fluids and gases.

DHS 1400 RCD intermediate-pressure device

The DHS 1400 RCD device can be used on both rotary and topdrive rigs. It features a split-body design, bearing section, and mounting spool. The device can be used in air, steam, and foam drilling applications. The sealing elements of the DHS 1400 RCD device are changed out independent of the bearing section, saving rig time and eliminating the need for excess inventory on location.


he HOLD ROTATING CONTROL DEVICE system is the industry’s first to include a remotely operated clamping system for improved safety in wellbore fluids containment applications. The hydraulically operated lockdown mechanism for the sealing element can be operated by the driller from a control console on the drill floor. The console keeps the clamp locked down and prevents it from opening in the presence of wellbore pressure. Remote clamp operation eliminates the need for personnel below the rig floor, improving safety and reducing the time required to change out seal elements.


The ROTATING CONTROL DEVICE 3 system is a passive sealing system that offers improved safety in diverting well returns to a surface separation system during managed pressure and underbalanced drilling applications. The RCD system offers one of the most compact sealed-bearing-assembly designs in the industry. It is manufactured to NACE standards and is easily installed through most rotary tables without removing the master bushings. The RCD 3 system can be directly installed on top of the BOP or on an adapter spool if required.