Ideal for installation in closed containers for use in harsh environments

M-I SWACO MPD L-shape manifolds are configured in a cost-effective space-saving design, making them ideal for installation in closed containers for use in managed pressure drilling (MPD) and underbalanced drilling (UBD) applications in harsh environments. The design reduces the wellsite footprint and, if necessary, provides assistance in modular designs.

The MPD L-shape manifold is a double-block-double-bleed design with a single gate valve in the gut line.


  • All components certified to API 6A
  • Skid lift tested in accordance with M-I SWACO T-1067 at 2.5X rated load
  • Service: Sour gas
  • Rated pressure: 5,000 psi
  • Material class: DD and EE
  • Temperature class: P–U, –20 degF to 250 degF [–29 degC to 121 degC]
  • Product specification level: PSL2
  • Performance requirement: PR 1
  • Ring groove inlay option available
  • Connections
    • Main inlet: 4 1/6-in 5K flange
    • Pump inlet: 4 in
    • Outlets: Three 4-in Fig 1502 male union
    • Gauge/transducer port: 2-in Fig 1502 female union
  • Approximate weights
    • With chokes: 11,500 lbm [5,227 kg]
    • Without chokes and adapters: 9,800 lbm [4,455 kg]
    • Skid only: 1,700 lbm [773 kg]
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 86 in [2.1 m]
    • Width: 87 in [2.2 m]
    • Height: 66 in [1.6 m]