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Drilling Pressure Control Equipment

Complete systems for maximum safety

From the wellhead connector to the manifold system, we offer a complete system for containing wellbore pressure and diverting formation fluids and gases.

With a focus on maximizing the safety of drilling operations, we design, engineer, and test technologies that meet and often exceed regulatory requirements.

We were the first to engineer large-bore drilling BOPs rated 20,000 psi and 25,000 psi for deepwater drilling and the first to manufacture rams that can shear the hardbanding on tool joints.

Drilling stack

Annular BOPs

Choose from a variety of field-proven designs to fit your desired drilling application.

Ram-Type BOPs

Contain wellbore pressure during critical control operations.

BOP Rams

Reliably shear off the tubulars in the wellbore and seal the well—even with off-center tool joints.

BOP Control Systems

Improve land, platform, and subsea efficiency using preengineered, field-proven components.

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

Improve pressure and flow control on land and offshore.

Rotating Control Devices (RCD)

Completely enclose the annulus to contain annular fluid, manage pressure, and more.

Drilling Manifolds and Chokes

Improved pressure and flow control in onshore and offshore applications.

Marine Drilling Riser

Equip your offshore operation with complete riser systems—from the drillfloor to the BOP stack.

Collet Connectors

Secure your subsea BOP stack connections from shallow- to ultradeepwater environments.


Direct wellbore fluids away from the immediate drilling area on offshore rigs.

Fluid Swivels

Reduce alignment and orientation issues when connecting auxiliary lines.


Ensure optimal performance and safety with OEM expertise.

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