Control Systems
 CLIF MOCK True Cut 2000 Sample Controller

CLIF MOCK True Cut 2000 Sampler Controller

Designed for ease of use and dependability, the CLIF MOCK True Cut 2000 sampler controller is a valuable addition to both gas and light liquid sampling operations. The controller comes ready to install, right out of the box, and can be put into operation within minutes.

Easy-to-navigate menus make quick work of configuring the device, and when its time to switch from one receiver to another, sampling is resumed with the press of a single button. The controller can sample product as a function of time or volume, and automatically calculates volume and sampling frequency based on a few user inputs. 

The controller can be remote-mounted to a variety of pumps, receivers, and accessories to create a customized sampling system. It is also integral to the CLIF MOCK LGS-2000 gas and light liquid sampler.

 Inspec Sampler Controller

JISKOOT InSpec Sampler Controller

The InSpec is an API/ISO/EI(IP) compliant sampler controller. It can operate samplers either flow or time proportionally in single or repeated batch modes. The controller front panel can be remotely mounted up to 1km from the main instrument and additional remote displays can be connected to the serial ports.

 InSpec EX


The InSpec - Ex Enhanced is an API/ISO/EI (IP) compliant sampler controller. It can operate samplers either flow or time proportionally, and in single or cyclic batch modes.



Sampling systems can be supplied with dedicated SCADA systems for operation and management. SCADA systems are developed for each application and include database and trending info.