Blending A range of turnkey, integrated in-line blending systems for process liquids including crude oil, LPG, LNG, ethanol and bunker fuel oil.
ratio control blenders
Blending Systems Fully guaranteed turnkey in-line blending systems. The system type depends on the products being blended, the quality of feedstock and the final product specifications. 
Blending Products A range of control systems, analyser loops and mixing systems that offer the optimum performance as part of an in-line blending system.


Sampling An expansive range of sampling systems and products for all hydrocarbon fluid applications including crude oil, condensate and liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Sampling Systems Turnkey automatic hydrocarbon sampling systems guaranteed to comply with the international sampling standards (ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2).
Sampling Products Comprehensive range of probe samplers, sample receivers, sampler controllers, crude oil mixing systems and laboratory equipment suitable for use as part of a new system or to upgrade existing equipment.