BARTON nuclear products are ideal for a variety of safety-related applications in nuclear power generating stations such as steam flow, coolant flow, feedwater flow, steam generator level, pressurizer level, torus level, scram discharge level, and containment pressure.


Types of BARTON Nuclear Products:
  • BARTON 763A gauge pressure transmitter
  • BARTON 764 differential pressure (DP) transmitter
  • BARTON 752 differential pressure (DP) electronic transmitter
  • BARTON 351, 352, 353 liquid level systems
  • BARTON 288A weatherproof compact differential pressure (DP) indicating switch
  • BARTON 289A weatherproof differential pressure (DP) indicating switch
  • BARTON 227A/AS differential pressure (DP) indicator
  • BARTON 580A Series nuclear differential pressure (DP) switch
  • BARTON 581A Series nuclear differential pressure (DP) switch