BARTON indicators are available for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges. They are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications. 

The indicator is actuated by a rupture-proof bellows differential pressure unit (DPU) with integral temperature compensation. The BARTON M199 differential pressure unit features dual, liquid-filled, bellows designed to withstand repeated overranges equal to the safe working pressure of the housings without a change in calibration. 

The indicating pointer traverses a 270 degree arc, providing excellent readability. It is driven by a precision jeweled rotary movement that multiplies rotation of the torque tube through a gear and pinion to the pointer. The movement employs a thermally stable Ni-Span-C hair spring. The movement has a micrometer screw for convenient range adjustments. Zero/range adjustments can be made without removing the scale plate or pointer. Linearity adjustments are readily accessible after removal of the scale plate.


Standard Features
  • BARTON DPU Sensor
  • NEMA-4/IP65 cases
  • Wide Selection of DP Ranges (Including absolute, zero-center, and split ranges)
  • Pulsation Dampening