BARTON CryoScan 60 remote-telemetry level system

The BARTON CryoScan 60 remote-telemetry level system is an ideal solution for automating tank inventory management. The ability to remotely monitor storage tank levels helps eliminate product shortage and minimizes the need for "extra" product deliveries. The BARTON CS60 remote telemetry system provides up-to-the minute tank level measurement using pressure and level sensors or inputs from 4-20 mA transmitters. Up to four sensors can be added to each unit for added value. Best of all, users retrieve their tank level data directly from their computer, without having to download files from a website or third-party data host. Built-in alarms alert the operator when a parameter drops to a user-specified setpoint. An operator can also run a status report "on demand" for instantaneous data monitoring.

Automatic Tank Gauging System

The BARTON 3500 Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) system is a scalable inventory management solution for liquid inventory, custody transfer, tank farm, and reconciliation applications. A unique hydrostatic measurement technique provides continuous monitoring of volume, level, density, mass, temperature, and water bottoms at levels of reliability accuracy and safety not possible using conventional hydrostatic measurement methods or other ATG measurement technologies. Plus, the 3500 also provides leak, overfill, and theft monitoring.

The BARTON 3500 Automatic Tank Gauging system consists of highly accurate measurement/ recording instrumentation, a flexible intrinsically-safe communications network, and a user friendly Windows based tank management software package.

The system determines (on demands) fluid level, volume, corrected volume, temperature, density, and water measurements. It does this by measuring hydrostatic pressures with a measurement probe inserted into the gauging well from the top of the tank. They hydrostatic pressures are measured by a solid state diffused silicon pressure sensor – no need for routine preventative maintenance.


The BARTON CS60 Remote Telemetry System Standard Features
  • Quick and easy installation, wall-mount or pole-mount
  • Broad range of communications options: land line modem, wireless CSD or GPRS cellular modem, radio, Ethernet
  • Optional I/O board adds six analog inputs, two contact (status) inputs, two analog outputs, and two latching relay outputs
  • Multiple tank support
  • Complete configuration software
  • USB port for local laptop connection
  • Worldwide customer support
  • Primary users: manufacturers, distributors and users of cryogenic gases and other industrial products
  • Specifications:
    • Power Options: AC or solar with rechargeable battery
    • Remote Communications: Land line or CSD/GPRS modem
    • Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.05% of full scale
    • Level: 1000 in. H2O (2.5 bar)
    • Pressure: 575 psig (40 bar)
    • Operating Temperature: -40 ºF/ºC to +158 ºF(+70ºC)
  • Inputs/Outputs (with optional board):
    • Six 4-20 mA inputs
    • Two contact closure (status) inputs
    • Two 4-20 mA outputs
    • Two latching relay outputs
BARTON Automatic Tank Gauging System Standard Features
  • Measures level, mass, volume and temperature simultaneously in single and/or multiple tanks
  • Certified for leak detection
  • Used for both above-ground and below ground tank storage systems
  • Can be used for liquids other than fuels
  • Primary users: airports, large fuel storage and distribution facilities, Air Force bases, ships, industrial storage facilities