Enhanced technical reliability for pipeline transmission and storage applications
The API Spec 6D fabricated gate valve in the GROVE valve portfolio meets market and industry demands for enhanced operational safety and reliability with reduced total cost of ownership.

The large bore design ranges from 16 to 42 in and includes

  • field-proven SLS spring-loaded lip seal technology
  • stem backseat
  • seat injection
  • orientation flexibility
  • optional nondestructively examined pressure-containing welds.

As a result, these GROVE valves help you

  • reduce product contamination with low internal volume
  • improve operational certainty through enhanced sealing integrity
  • save time and costs through inline repairability.

Enhanced fabricated body construction
The fabricated gate valve has an enhanced body construction in which all pressure-containing welds can be volumetrically and surface examined per American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes.

Single SLS spring-loaded lip seal
The single SLS seal system optimizes performance while reducing maintenance requirements. The seal is hydrocarbon fugitive-emissions tested and fire tested as well as self adjusting, requiring no plastic packing to energize.

Stem backseat
The API Spec 6D–compliant stem backseat serves as a secondary stem seal and retention device to prevent stem ejection. A metal-to-metal seal is created when the stem is in the up position, isolating the stem seal from line pressure.

Seat injection
Seats can be lubricated to reduce operating torques, effect a seal in an emergency, and promote long life.


Industry Compliance
Valve assembly API Spec. 6D
CSA Standard Z245.15†
End flanges ASME Standards B16.5 and B16.47‡
Weld ends ASME B16.25, B31.3, B31.4, and B31.8
Fire testing ISO 10497 and API Spec. 6FA certification
Sour service NACE MR0175/ISO 15156
Piping codes ASME B31.4
ASME B31.8
Quality system ISO 9001
Regulatory Compliance
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
  • Liquid pipelines—CFR Title 49, Part 195§
  • Gas pipelines—CFR Title 49, Part 192††
Canada Canadian Registration Number (CRN)†

† Available upon request
‡ B16.5 for sizes 2–20 in and 24 in; B16.47 for sizes 26 in and larger.
§ Requires testing only to Spec 6D, which is standard.
†† Requires manufacturing in accordance with Spec 6D but not necessarily monogramming.