Providing complete riser systems from the drillfloor to the BOP stack

Spider and Gimbal

The spider serves as a hangoff point for the riser during BOP running. We offer split spiders and gimbals to accommodate rotary tables of 49.5-in, 60.5-in, and 75.5-in diameter and are qualified up to 2,500,000 lbm hangoff capacity. Our spiders are designed so that the only moving parts are the spider dogs. For improved safety, the 75.5-in spider dogs completely cover the open hole when hanging off a riser joint. The shock mount gimbal allows up to a 5° movement in all directions.

This spider design can be configured to readily accommodate our Robo-Spider automated riser-flange-bolt torque system for risers.


The Robo-Spider system is the first fully automated riser flange bolt torque system capable of reducing riser flange bolt torque time by up to 70%, while increasing rig floor safety.


We also offer the CF-A diverter for floaters and the CF-B diverter for jack-up rigs.

Our CF-A diverter supports up to 75.5-in rotary tables and has a hangoff capacity of up to 2,500,000 lbm. It is a single annular packing element with a pressure rating up to 500 psi. The CF-A model features four hydraulic locking dogs that reduce hosing and provide simplified running and retrieval of the diverter assembly. This eliminates the need to secure hoses to the diverter assembly while providing hydraulic fluid for the operations.

The CF-B diverter supports up to 47-in rotary tables and is qualified up to 2,000 psi. Packers can be split and hinged to allow them to be changed out with pipe in the hole. J-slot type running tools are entirely mechanical.

Telescopic Joint

The telescopic joint (TJ) compensates for rig heave. It is a riser joint consisting of an inner and outer barrel with a sealing element. We offer a dual seal assembly (DSA) for sealing between the inner and outer barrels. The autolock feature secures the inner and outer barrels to ensure the TJ can run safely and land the BOP. Our TJ can be provided as managed pressure drilling (MPD)-ready, with an inner barrel sized to accommodate passing a rotating control device and associated deployment tooling.

Tension Ring

The tension ring secures the tensioning lines to the telescopic joint. We offer solid body and split tension rings to accommodate both wireline and direct acting tensioning systems. We qualify the tension ring up to the capacity of the riser system that it couples. 

RST Tension Ring

The RST swivel tensioning ring is a hands-free gooseneck system that eliminates the need to manually connect riser tensioning lines and goosenecks each time the riser is run, further improving safety.

Stab-In Connection System

Our STiCS stab-in connection system provides hands-free remote operation for installation of goosenecks on the telescopic joint, reducing time and potential hazards that can occur during the connection of the choke, kill, and other auxiliary lines.

BOP Landing Assist Tool

The BOP landing assist tool (BLAT) locks into the riser string below the telescopic joint inner barrel to allow hangoff to be supported by the derrick instead of the tensioning system. The BLAT interfaces with either the telescopic joint outer barrel or a modified pup joint and it can support up to 2,500,000 lbm.

Riser Joint

We offer RF riser system and LoadKing ultradeepwater riser system riser joints that are API 16R certified to provide the conduit from the rig to the BOP stack. Our risers are qualified up to 4,000,000 lbm in 12,000-ft water depth, and from –20 degF to 250 degF [–29 degC to 121 deg C]. The LoadKing riser system is an important component of the industry's only complete OEM deepwater MPD system—provided by Cameron and M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company. 

20K Slim Pin Riser

The innovative design allows operators to drill in 20,000-psi environments, while keeping weight and footprint to a minimum.

Riser Running Tools

Our riser running tools feature integrated running and testing functionality. The devices handle risers for lifting and assembling into the riser string, as well as testing. These running tools are qualified up to 2,750,000 lbm. In addition, removable test plugs eliminate the need to stab a test sub every joint. Hydraulic and manual tools also are available.

Riser Fill-Up Valve

The riser fill-up valve is a special riser joint with an automatic or hydraulically operated actuator designed to prevent riser collapse should drilling fluid levels drop in the riser.

FlexKing Subsea Flex Joint

Our FlexKing subsea flex joints permit angular displacement up to ±10°. They are rated up to 6,000 psi and are certified to water depths of 12,000 ft.

Riser Gas Handling System

The riser gas handling (RGH) system utilizes a subsea diverter to permit the safe handling of gas in the riser. The system includes an annular for sealing the riser annulus and a gas bleed spool to safely bleed off gas and mud to a choke manifold. Standard configurations are available to accommodate an HSE system or an MPD-ready system.