Customized drill collars for trouble-free performance

Because drill collars are the most common components of BHAs and the most essential to overall performance, DRILCO manufactures them to specifications more stringent than API requirements. The care that we take in materials specification, heat treatment, machining, and inspection is reflected in the performance of every DRILCO drill collar.


Standard features include

  • conformance to API Specification 7-1, NS-1™, and individual customer specifications
  • rolled, milled, or machined surface finishes
  • 285–341 BHN critical threaded section
  • ultrasonic testing after heat treating for quality assurance.

Optional features include

  • slip and elevator recesses to reduce handling time
  • API stress-relief groove to reduce fatigue caused by bending
  • spiral drill collars to mitigate differential sticking
  • hardbanding to decrease wear on collar OD.