Increase drilling safety & performance

Contact DRILCO to discuss connections that will provide superior torque capacity and extend drillpipe service life for your drilling operation.

SSDS high-torque drillpipe connection

The SSDS high-torque connection provides torque capacity that is 40% to 50% greater than that of standard connections for comparable-size drillpipe.

ATDS advanced-torque doubled-shouldered drillpipe connection

The ATDS connection provides a torque capacity that is 50% to 55% greater than that of standard connections for comparable-size drillpipe. The advanced-torque series of connections is designed for use on small-diameter drillpipe, such as 2 3/8- and 2 7/8-in sizes, where the torsional strength of the standard-size connections is extremely limited. Drillpipe fitted with the ATDS connection cannot be used with conventional drillpipe.

DRILCO premium connections ideal for aggressive drilling programs

The higher torque capacity of these connections substantially increases drilling safety and performance. The superior torsional strength makes them ideal for use in aggressive drilling programs. The double-shoulder design allows the primary external shoulder to serve as the sealing surface, while the secondary shoulder serves as the mechanical stop for the connection. The pin and box connections are engineered to distribute the makeup forces between the two shoulders, providing additional torsional strength for high-torque applications.