Wide range of oilfield tools and tubular goods for conventional, snubbing, and coiled tubing operations

Thomas Tools began building a solid reputation in 1961 as a downhole tool specialty company. We have now grown to become the oilfield rental tool industry leader in North America. High-pressure BOPs and other surface and downhole equipment is available for conventional drilling applications. Rental equipment packages are also available for coiled tubing (CT) and snubbing-related services. With the record for snubbing BOP stacks at 116 ft high, Thomas Tools is fully capable of meeting your equipment needs. A wide range of tools and tubulars of the highest quality is available and includes the following.

Oilfield tools

  • High-pressure, critical service BOPs (2 9/16-in to 30-in cavities)
  • BOPs (2 9/16-in to 7 1/16-in OD, working pressure 5,000 to 15,000 psi)
  • Flow iron packages
  • High-pressure manifolds
  • Spacer spools to raise or space apart BOPs or connect a choke manifold to the well control system
  • Handling tools
  • Crossover subs
  • Specialized downhole tools
  • Downhole accessories and surface products
  • CT support and snubbing surface equipment:
    • snubbing BOPs
    • hydraulic and manual squeeze-and-pump manifolds
    • gas busters, tanks, and blenders
    • dual-pod filtration units
    • flow equipment
    • nitrogen bottle racks
    • spools and adapters.


  • Premium API and high-torque (HT) drillpipe from 2 3/8-in to 6 5/8-in OD
  • Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe and Spiral-Wate drillpipe
  • Drill collars
  • Premium tubing from 3/4-in to 4 1/2-in OD, grades N-80, T-95, P-110, QT-125, and S-135
  • Landing strings (rated >2,000,000 lbm)—high-performance tubulars that enable and expedite lifting of the extremely long, heavy casing strings used in deepwater wells.

A full array of sizes is available in most product lines. In fact, various sizes, weights, and grades are available for almost any slimhole, or standard bottleneck, drillpipe application.