Ensures accurate application of recommended makeup torque to drillstring components

The heart of the DRILCO Tru-Torque automatic torque control system is the Model 2000 digital electronic controller. It ensures that the recommended API torque is applied for proper makeup of drillstring components. This extremely accurate control unit will automatically terminate the makeup of your drillstring connections when a prespecified torque limit is achieved. The Tru-Torque control system can operate in Class 1, Group D, and Divisions 1 and 2 hazardous environments and can be used on any rig with manual tongs and air-activated cathead clutches.

The interface is easy to use, controls are within easy reach of the driller, the menu-driven controls and settings are user-friendly, and the LCD readout can be viewed in sunlight.

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Reduces trip time and improves rig safety

The Tru-Torque automatic torque control system

  • minimizes fishing risk due to washouts and twistoffs
  • lessens pin and box damage
  • reduces trip time by improving pipe handling efficiency through uniform connection makeup time
  • enhances rig safety by allowing the driller to focus attention on rig floor activities.