Eliminates undesirable loss of drilling fluid, saves rig time

The Mud-Chek AP advanced-performance kelly mud-saver valve is designed to reduce or eliminate the undesirable loss of fluid when making a connection and to save the rig time lost waiting for the kelly to drain. Placed on the end of the kelly, the Mud-Chek AP mud-saver valve opens from pressure when the rig pumps are engaged, enabling circulation down the drillstring. The valve closes when circulation is stopped, trapping the drilling fluid inside the kelly, thus making drillstring trips drier, faster, and safer. Hazardous drilling fluids can be effectively contained, reducing environmental impact and subsequent cleanup costs. The valve allows holding at least 100 ft of 18-lbm/galUS mud.

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Features rugged design that extends tool life

The Mud-Chek AP mud-saver valve is designed to withstand extreme drilling conditions:

  • 850-galUS/min mud flow rate
  • 4,500-psi drillstring pressure
  • 18-lbm/galUS mud density
  • 30% solids content.

The geometry is optimized to reduce erosion in critical areas. In addition, the solid tungsten carbide seat reduces wear, extends tool life, and improves reliability.

Demonstrates versatility and ease of use 

A backflow feature permits pressure equalization in the kelly, allowing normal drillpipe readings at the standpipe. The 36-in shoulder-to-shoulder compact design makes the mud-saver valve easy to use. It doubles as a kelly saver sub. An easy-to-use sinker bar breaks a plastic cap for wireline operations when required.