Inspection and repair in the field or the shop

Through its worldwide network of service centers, DRILCO offers API-approved inspection services for drill collars, drillpipe, Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, and other premium downhole tools. These service centers ensure global coverage, 24/7/365.

Using the latest nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, highly trained and qualified DRILCO personnel provide a full range of drilling rig inspection services that include a variety of third-party standards.

Field and in-house inspections

Onsite repair and inspection services reduce tubular maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary trucking and tool rentals. Completely self-contained DRILCO mobile units are easily transported to remote locations, on land or offshore, to repair minor thread and shoulder blemishes onsite.

In-house inspection services are also available at any customer facility or with DRILCO acting as an in-house third-party inspector.

In-shop inspections

The DRILCO worldwide network of service centers provides tubular repair and inspection at most major drilling locations. Service centers are equipped with the latest automated electromagnetic induction and ultrasonic inspection for fast, high-quality inspections. Service centers offer full-length, dual-function electromagnetic inspection. At some locations, full-length ultrasonic inspection is also available.

After inspection, tubular products and downhole tools can be fully repaired at a DRILCO machine shop.

Electromagnetic inspection (EMI) tubular inspection system

Our EMI tubular inspection system uses computerized data acquisition, a proprietary electronics package, and the system’s signal processing software. Inspections are reliable, efficient, and available electronically for review and analysis.


Full range of rig inspection services using the latest NDT equipment

Using the latest NDT equipment, qualified DRILCO personnel offer a full range of drilling rig inspection services that include a variety of third-party standards.

Inspection capabilities include the following:

  • API-RP7G, Specification 7, RP 5A5, 5CT
  • third-party standards
  • DS-1
  • NS-2
  • customer-defined standards.

Field inspection

The inspector uses several NDT methods to check the high-stress areas, such as connections, slip areas, upset areas, weld areas, radius changes, and tubes, to detect cracks and indications. Any of the following inspections can be conducted at remote locations:

  • API/RSC thread inspection (API-TI)
  • dimensional inspection (DI)
  • visual inspection (VT)
  • magnetic particle (MT)
  • liquid dye penetrant (PT)
  • electromagnetic tubular inspections (ET-MFL)
  • ultrasonic inspection of rotary-shouldered connections (UT-RSC)
  • ultrasonic inspection of high-stress areas and tube upsets (UTEA).

Field repair of minor cracks and thread and shoulder blemishes can be completed by the inspector while on location.

In-shop inspection services

Additionally, all the above inspections, as well as full-length ultrasonic inspection (FLUT) and full-length dual-function EMI, can be conducted at our machine shops. Once inspected, tubular products and downhole tools can be fully repaired.