Select tubular product maintenance when and where it is needed

Mobile hardbanding systems eliminate the freight costs and time associated with transporting tubular products from remote jobs or permanent facilities to a maintenance center. DRILCO portable hardbanding units and technicians have the capability to apply the same hardbanding wires that were applied during manufacturing, as well as to apply other compatible wires that have increased performance and abrasion resistance. These premium wires include the DRILCO Defender MAX metal-cored hardbinding wire, Defender ULTRA flux-cored hardbanding wire, and Defender NON-MAG ELITE metal-cored hardbanding wire, as well as other industry-recognized hardbanding wires. This is accomplished using the manufacturers’ recommended hardbanding parameters, including proper preheat and postweld conditions.


  • Premium hardbanding wires for both casing-friendly and openhole applications
  • Superior abrasion and wear protection that extends drilling tubular life
  • Advanced portable equipment that enables high-quality application of hardbanding materials
  • Highly automated hardbanding unit that enables precise, repeatable hardband applications
  • Fully trained, qualified personnel to ensure quality-controlled applications
  • Operation centers worldwide that provide 24-hour mobile hardbanding services