Hardbanding solutions for both openhole and cased hole drilling

Defender premium hardbanding wires—designed and manufactured using the highest grade of raw materials—can be applied over previous DRILCO applications as well as other hardbands.

Proper inspection and evaluation of previous hardbands and surrounding base materials are inherent in all DRILCO hardbanding procedures.

Defender MAX metal-cored hardbanding wire

Defender MAX hardbanding wire is designed to operate in openhole or cased hole applications. In openhole applications, tungsten carbide is dropped into the molten hardband. The matrix is designed and formulated to hold the carbide throughout the life cycle of the hardband.

Designed with a low coefficient of friction for casing-friendly applications, Defender MAX hardbanding wire is a combination of crack-free, nonporous, deposited, work-hardening hardband.

Defender ULTRA flux-cored hardbanding wire

Designed and formulated to provide a combination of crack-free and nonporous deposited hardband, Defender ULTRA hardbanding wire provides optimal protection to the tool joint while minimizing wear to the casing.

In harsh, remote environments with strong winds, Defender ULTRA hardbanding wire operates with or without shielding gas to provide a premium hardband not otherwise available.

Defender NON-MAG ELITE metal-cored hardbanding wire

To protect nonmagnetic drill collars and flex pipe, Defender NON-MAG ELITE hardbanding wire is applied to standard austenitic stainless steels, chromium-manganese, and nitrogen-bearing austenitic stainless steels. The metal-cored hardband is a tough, corrosion-resistant, highly alloyed austenitic deposit with a typical permeability value of 1.005. The wire is enhanced with a tungsten drop that disperses evenly throughout. Its formulation provides consistent and uniform arc transfer with low fumes to optimize performance.