Dockside handling saves rig time

Running doubles from the casing running process reduces the number of lifts from the rig floor to the derrick and the number of connections made up in the rotary table. The result is a more efficient operation.  

DRILCO services tubulars from 2 3/8 in to 23 in at its dockside C-Port II facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, USA. The facility’s makeup and breakout service for drillpipe and casing enables shipping in double lengths, which eliminates costly rig time making up or breaking connections.

Casing bucking

When casing singles are delivered to the facility, each is individually logged and made up into doubles. The doubles are loaded directly from the makeup area onto work boats for delivery to the wellsite, reducing the number of lifts from the boat to the rig.

Drillpipe bucking

The C-Port II facility provides services for range 2 and range 3 drillpipe in singles and doubles and BHA components, including stabilizers, pony collars, and running tool assemblies.

Automatic torque control system provides accuracy and traceability

DRILCO bucking systems can generate torque in excess of 100,000 lbf.ft for breakout. During the makeup process, the Tru-Torque automatic torque control system ensures accurate torque values, which are digitally recorded for traceability. Cleaning, laser tally, full-length drift, and inspection of the thread couplings can be conducted.